High Quality High Voltage Battery Box

High Quality High Voltage Battery Box

High voltage battery boxes are made of durable materials, such as metal or plastic, and may include features such as insulation, ventilation, and cooling systems. The high-voltage battery box is usually located in the trunk or under the hood of the vehicle and is connected to the powertrain by cables and connectors. It is important to handle the high voltage battery compartment with care as it contains powerful and potentially dangerous batteries. Overall, high-voltage battery boxes play a vital role in the operation and safety of electric vehicles.

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The company, formerly known as Dongguan Jiexin Energy, was established in 2003. The founder and core team members have been deeply involved in the field of 3C consumer batteries and power lithium batteries for 20 years.


We deeply understand the value of superior customer service. Happy customers are always repeat customers, which can turn into long-term loyal customers. Superior customer service is more than simply delivering products or services as ordered, it's about being responsive to needed and proactive . 


Rongke has a production capacity of more than 18,000 batteries per month, and can flexibly coordinate production and change versions according to customer needs. We have a modern industrial standard factory building and two automatic lithium battery Pack Pack production lines.

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Dongguan Rongke New Energy Technology Co, Ltd. was founded in 2019 and was transformed from the original Dongguan Mcnair TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. We are a high-tech enterprises that integrates R&D, production, sales and service of lithium battery energy storage systems such as high voltage storage and low voltage storage for residential or micro-grid,power wall,portable power stations,lead acid battery replacement etc. Our products are widely used in home storage,transportation, communications,power tools and consumer electronics which are suitable for on-grid or off grid applications.Rongke Technology has strong technical force, advanced automated production technology, and perfect quality management system. It has always adhered to the concept of "excellence, technological innovation, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction", and is committed to becoming the world's best supply of new energy battery solutions providers.

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Knowledge introduction of high voltage battery box

In some cases, the high voltage battery box is removable, allowing for easy battery replacement or repair. High voltage battery boxes enhance the performance of electric vehicles by ensuring that batteries are properly protected and perform at their best. The high voltage battery box includes a lockable cover to prevent unauthorized access to the battery. High voltage battery boxes have indicators or displays to show the current status of the batteries, such as their charge level or temperature. This helps monitor the performance of the batteries and make sure they are working properly.

Knowledge introduction of high voltage battery box

Application field of high-voltage battery box

High voltage battery box is a device used to store and protect high voltage batteries, commonly used in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, aircraft, and other fields. The high-voltage battery box can provide functions such as isolation, heat dissipation, monitoring, and control of high-voltage batteries.

Introduction to the use of high voltage battery box

There are several advantages to high voltage battery boxes, high voltage battery boxes are designed to protect the battery and prevent electric shock hazards. It includes insulation and ventilation to prevent electrical shock and to release any excess gas produced by the battery. High voltage battery boxes are made of durable materials such as metal or plastic that can withstand the harsh conditions of the road and protect the battery from damage. Some high voltage battery boxes include a cooling system to keep the batteries at optimal charging and discharging temperatures. This helps extend battery life and improve its performance.

Introduction to the use of high voltage battery box

Features of high voltage battery box

In addition to providing protection, high-voltage battery cases may also have features that help improve battery performance and longevity. This may include insulation, ventilation and cooling systems to keep the battery at the optimum temperature for charging and discharging. Some battery cases may also have indicators or displays to show the current status of the batteries, such as their charge level or temperature.

Features of high voltage battery box
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Combining CATL, EVE, GOTION, Great Power, ATL's etc. world-class lithium cell supply resources with professional safety battery PACK packaging technology, Rongke provides an efficient, one-stop shop for all our customers' energy storage needs. Using thousands kind cell specifications, we can deliver a wide range of battery size and capacity solutions to meet the needs of Battery Energy Storage & Systems, from customized design and manufacturing to certification, sales, service and more.

Optimal product safety is the foundation of everything we do. When designing products, we apply multi-dimensional (structural, electrical and thermal) redundant safety protection via scientific tools such as FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and simulation. We adopt at RSD' life prediction system combined with rigorous safety management to supervise the life-cycle conditions of our products. We also collect, analyze and archive all supervision data to ensure our users can rely fully on the safety of our products.

At this stage, 5,000 square meters have been put into use, with a monthly production capacity of 5 million US dollars. The second phase of the factory building is planned to add 5,000 square meters in the second quarter of 2023, and the monthly production capacity will reach 10 million US dollars by then. The third phase of the plant plans to add another 5,000 square meters in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the monthly production capacity will exceed 15 million US dollars.

High voltage battery boxes have different types and characteristics, depending on factors such as the shape, size, quantity, and voltage of high-voltage batteries. Generally speaking, high voltage battery boxes can be divided into the following types:Box type: suitable for square or cylindrical high-voltage batteries, with the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, and low cost.Modular: Suitable for high-voltage batteries with irregular shapes or various specifications, with the advantages of flexible structure, detachable, and expandable.Integrated: Suitable for high-voltage batteries that are tightly integrated with vehicle bodies or other components, with the advantages of compact structure, high space utilization, and light weight.

1.Avoid overcharging or discharging high-voltage batteries to prevent battery damage or ignition.2.Regularly inspect the connection lines, connectors, fuses, and other components of the high voltage battery box to ensure that they are intact.3.Regularly clean the housing and radiator of the high voltage battery box to prevent dust or foreign matter from clogging or corrosion.4.Avoid severe collisions or vibrations on the high voltage battery box, and prevent short circuits or fluid leakage from the battery.5.Avoid exposing the high voltage battery box to high temperatures or humidity to prevent battery aging or expansion.

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