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Battery power backup system is vital for telecom and data center storage and power. Telecom Battery Power Backup can store energy for use anytime the power is cut off. At present, there are mainly two types of backup power batteries, lead-acid battery and Li-ion battery. However, LFP battery is becoming more energy-efficient, Rongke is able to design, build and market high quality, long life batteries from 12V to 48V, and 50AH to 400AH battery for telecom and datacenter application.
Products are widely used in solar energy storage, 5G base station, tower, UPS, etc.
●Small in size and light in weight, 40% to 50% less than lead-acid batteries
●The energy conversion rate is higher than 95% and can work normally at 60°C
●Built -in BMS battery management system, modular design, ETSI standard rack design, Provides comprehensive communication capabilities compatible with standard telecommunications
equipment for easy installation and expansion
●Adapt to high temperature without air conditioning environment, free of maintenance during operation, can effectively reduce .
operating costs


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