Dongguan Rongke New Energy Technology Co.Ltd is a Chinese Home Energy Storage Battery Manufacturer,Solar battery energy storage provider


Founded in 2019, Rongke New Energy is a national high- tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of new energy battery pack products such as lithium battery, energy storage system and power system. The core team has more than 20 years of lithium industry experience.

Rongke will strive to build advanced technical force, systematic automated production process, perfect quality management system, adhere to the "Unmatched Quality, Revolutionary Progress, Iterative Refinement, Exceptional Service" as the business philosophy, committed to become a global excellent new energy battery storage system solutions provider.


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20 Years Expertise Experience
 Over 20 years expertise experience , the founders and our core team members have been deeply involved in the field of 3C consumer batteries and power lithium batteries. We have witnessed the development and the glory of new energy lithium battery industry in China.
Superior Customer Service
We deeply understand the value of superior customer service. Happy customers are always repeat customers, which can turn into long-term loyal customers. Superior customer service is more than simply delivering products or services as ordered, it's about being responsive and proactive to customer needs. Rongke is known for its rapid response to customers’ changing needs and emergencies. Once a project is initiated, a dedicated project manager is responsible to collect the technical requirements of customers, develop product solutions, coordinate with internal production resources, and tailor products and services for customers in the shortest possible cycle.
Strong Supply Ability & Flexibility
With a monthly production capacity of over 18,000 storage batteries, Rongke can flexibly coordinate production and switch editions according to customer needs. We have a modern industrial standard factory plant and two automated lithium battery pack Pack production lines. At this stage, it has put into use 5,000 square meters and has a production capacity of 5 million USD per month. The second phase of the plant is planned to add 5,000 square meters in the second quarter of 2023, and the production capacity per month will reach 10 million USD by then. The third phase of the plant is planned to add another 5,000 square meters in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the production capacity will exceed 15 million USD per month.
OEM/ODM Available
Rongke diversified product line ensures we can deliver flawless customized services to our clients. With years of expertise in research and development, we continue to make bold attempts at innovation and pursue new discoveries to meet the ever growing needs of users in search of customized Battery Energy Storage & Systems
Product Safety and Reliability
Optimal product safety is the foundation of everything we do. When designing products, we apply multi-dimensional (structural, electrical and thermal) redundant safety protection via scientific tools such as FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and simulation. We adopt RSD’s battery life prediction system combined with rigorous safety management to supervise the life-cycle conditions of our product. We also collect, analyze and archive all supervision data to ensure our users can rely fully on the safety of our products.
World-class Lithium Cell Supply Resources
Combining CATL, EVE, GOTION, Great Power, ATL's etc. world-class lithium cell supply resources with professional safety battery PACK packaging technology, Rongke provides an efficient, one-stop shop for all our customers' energy storage needs. Using thousands kinds of cell specifications, We can deliver a wide range of battery size and capacity solutions to meet the needs of Battery Energy Storage & Systems, from customized design and manufacturing to certification, sales, service and more.

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